Open Swims - Fall 2020

Here is everything you need to know about the Open Swim periods offered at Complexe aquatique Desjardins

Open Swim Schedule - From September 7 to December 20

  • You can download a PDF version of the open swims schedule by clicking on the image below.


  1. Before arriving at the Complexe, it will be mandatory that you reserve your spot for the 55-minute open swim time you wish to take part in. For parents who are participating with their child, you will also need to reserve a spot for them.
  2. To reserve your spot online, visit our online store hosted on Amilia. You will automatically land on the "Registration" tab. You will then be able to select the date and time for your open swim visit (as an example: Tuesday, August 11 at 8 AM in the Myrtha Competitive Pool). You will then have to click on "ACCESS ONLY".
  3. This will transfer you to a calendar where you will need to select the time you have chosen for your open swim visit (a blue square will be visible, which will allow you to see how many spots are still available).
  4. By clicking on the blue square, you will then have to select which member in your Amilia account you wish to register for the open swim.
  5. A fee will show up on your screen and you will have to select it to continue, but do not worry. If you have an annual access card tied to your account, a rebate for the full amount will be applied at checkout and your total will show as zero. At that point, you will have to click on "PURCHASE" to complete your bookings.

    Please note that it will be possible to book more than one time in the same day. As an example, if spots are available for 2 consecutive 55-minute swim times, you would be able to book both of them if you want to.


    In accordance with the requirements stated by Quebec's Health officials, each individual visiting us will be required to:

    • Wear a mask at all times upon entering the Complexe until they are entering the pool. At that time the mask can be removed and put on your towel;
    • Wash hands upon arriving at the Complexe;
    • Follow the floor indications at all times;
    • Take a shower and use soap before entering the pool, by using the shower available on the boardwalk leading to the pools (soap will be provided);
    • Maintain a distance of 2 meters between each person.

    Please also note that all swimmers will need to:

    • Show up already wearing their bathing suit underneath their clothes;
    • Wear a swimming cap;
    • Wear the coloured bracelet they will receive at reception;
    • Bring their own water bottle (note that glass containers are forbidden) because water dispensers will not be available;
    • Bring their own equipment, if needed, as it will not be possible to borrow swimming equipment from the Complexe.

    Also important to note :

    • It is mandatory to book an open swim time before arriving at the Complexe;
    • Showers in the changing rooms will not be available;
    • The family changing room will not be available as it will be used to facilitate a flow of people that complies with physical distancing. Therefore, children 10 and up will need to access the appropriate changing room. Children below 10 will be allowed to stay change with their parents.

    To ensure your safety, our employees :

    • Will thoroughly clean surfaces regularly;
    • Are currently ongoing a training on the topic of safety and COVID-19.


    Taking into account that the Complexe aquatique Desjardins has been closed for about 150 days due to the COVID-19, all annual access cards will be extended accordingly and we will even add an additional 30 days to the extension. This amounts to an extension of 180 days.

    We understand that the current situation requires many adjustments that change way things are being done for all of us, and we thank you in advance for your understanding. Our team will do its utmost best to make the upcoming reopening and the next stages as seamless as possible.

Exclusive Advantage for Mascouche Residents

You can obtain unlimited access to the open swims activities at a very affordable price when you buy an annual access card available for individuals and families. You can purchase you annual access card now by visiting our web store here :

  • 12 years and under: $24 + taxes
  • 13 to 17 years old: $46 + taxes
  • 18 to 64 years old: $70 + taxes
  • Seniors - 65 years and older: $58 + taxes
  • Family (same address) : $120 + taxes

The annual access card for open swims is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Annual access card for Non-Residents

If you are not a Mascouche resident, but expect to visit us often during the open swim periods, you can also purchase an annual access card unlimited access to the open swim activities for the duration you choose.

    • 12 years and under: $70 + taxes
    • 13 to 17 years old: $130 + taxes
    • 18 to 64 years old: $185 + taxes
    • Seniors - 65 years and older: $150 + taxes
    • Family (2 parents, 2 children - same address) : $320 + taxes

You can purchase your access card on site or online:

À la carte Rates - Mascouche Residents

It is also possible to access open swim activities without an annual access card for open swims. In this case, the following rates apply each time you visit us for an open swim activity:

  • 2 years and under: free
  • 3 to 17 years old: $5.50 + taxes
  • Adults: $6.50 + taxes

À la carte Rates - Non-Residents

Non-residents can also access our open swim activities. The following rates apply.

  • 2 years and under: free
  • 3 to 17 years old: $7.00 + taxes
  • Adults: $8.50 + taxes

For any questions, please contact us on our Facebook page or by email at

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