National Lifeguard


  • To be at least 16 years old at the final evaluation
  • To hold a Bronze Cross award
  • To hold a Standard First Aid/AED or an Aquatic Emergency Care/AED award
  • For the Waterpark option: to hold a National Lifeguard – Pool award
  • For the Surf option: to hold a National Lifeguard – Waterfront award

The National Lifeguard award is a national performance standard and the only award recognized throughout Canada that allows its holder to work as a lifeguard anywhere in the country. The course has been developed to better understand lifeguarding principles and develop good judgment and a responsible attitude regarding the lifeguard’s responsibilities in an aquatic facility. You can specialize in the following four options: pool, waterpark, waterfront and surf. HOLDERS OF A NATIONAL LIFEGUARD AWARD ARE ENTITLED TO WORK AS LIFEGUARDS AS SOON AS THEY REACH 17 YEARS OLD. HOLDERS OF THE NATIONAL LIFEGUARD AWARD WHO ARE 16 YEARS OLD CAN WORK AS ASSISTANT-LIFEGUARDS.

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